samples of my work

maps drawn in Microsoft Powerpoint
I drew some of these maps in Microsoft Powerpoint as the client wanted to be able to edit them. It was challenging - unlike Adobe Illustrator, Powerpoint does not have a 'Layers' feature. So I drew each element on a separate page, grouped them and then placed them all on one page.
maps drawn in Adobe Illustrator
​I drew some of these maps in Adobe Illustrator. As you can see, I enjoy doing more technical-somewhat-finicky work - and, yes, I have the patience for it.
ownership webs drawn in Microsoft Visio
I drew these ownership webs in Microsoft Visio.
accounting textbooks​

I created the template/stylesheet for these textbooks in Microsoft Word. I did all the layout and design as well as proof-read the textbooks before publishing. As it was a two-colour job (blue and black), and Microsoft Word saves colours in RGB format rather than CMYK, the document had to be converted to CMYK format before printing. An extra step not required in other DTP packages like Adobe InDesign.

WiX website designs​

I created the websites for Free Food*, Food Me*, Nox Wholesalers and Alfred Hilton as well as this one (my own), I also maintain them.

other design/layout work

Done in either MS Office (Word/Powerpoint) or InDesign.

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